Monitor Your Trades with Precision on the App and MetaTrader 4

Unlock a transparent view of your investment performance as your fund manager navigates the market on your behalf. With the App, available on Android, iOS, and web, gain real-time insight into your trades, ensuring a clear understanding of your investment journey. Our app's user-friendly interface paired with comprehensive analytical tools, provides a transparent and straightforward way to monitor the trades executed by your fund manager.

For those who prefer an alternative, MetaTrader 4 at continues to be a reliable option. It provides additional choice for monitoring your trades with a platform you might be familiar with.

Stay informed, stay ahead with, be it through our dedicated app or MetaTrader 4.

Platform Features

The App, tailored for its intuitive design and robust functionality, serves as your primary gateway to a comprehensive suite of tools engineered for insightful monitoring and analysis.

With these features and more, the App provides a robust framework for transparently tracking the actions of your fund manager, ensuring you remain informed and confident in your investment journey.

For those who seek technical sophistication, MetaTrader 4 at remains a reliable alternative. Known for its user-friendly interface, MetaTrader 4 delivers a different but equally comprehensive suite of analytical tools for those who prefer its platform.

Stay connected, stay informed, and stay ahead with the diverse platform offerings at, be it through our dedicated app or MetaTrader 4.

Real-Time Monitoring
Stay updated with real-time data as your fund manager maneuvers through the market, ensuring transparency and trust.
Advanced Analytical Tools
Delve into detailed analytics that provide a clear picture of your investment performance, aiding in informed decision-making.
Historical Data Analysis
Review past trading activity through extensive historical data, enabling a thorough understanding of your investment trajectory.
Customizable Interface
Tailor the platform to your preferences for a personalized monitoring experience, ensuring you have the information you need, how you need it.
Secure and Seamless Communication
Communicate securely with your fund manager directly through the platform, ensuring a seamless interaction whenever needed.
Notification Alerts
Set up notifications for account activity and performance metrics to stay informed of key developments in your investment portfolio.
Mobile Accessibility
Monitor your trades on the go with MetaTrader 4's mobile application, ensuring you're never far from your investments, wherever you are.
Technical Support and Resources
Benefit from a wealth of educational resources and dedicated technical support to make the most of your MetaTrader 4 experience at AFX.

Download and Access the App or MetaTrader 4

Getting started with the App or MetaTrader 4 is straightforward. Follow the simple steps below to download, install, and access your preferred platform, opening the door to a seamless monitoring experience:

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the platform, reach out to our dedicated support team for assistance. We're here to ensure your experience is smooth and rewarding.

Kickstart a new level of transparency and insight into your investment performance with the App or MetaTrader 4 at